According to the 329/2003 Romanian Private Detective law, the licensed agencies and private detective can provide services of surveillance and investigations in the following cases :

  • Missing or kidnapped persons;
  • Earnestness and solvency checks regarding untrustworthy business partners;
  • Protection against information leaks;
  • Obtaining before and after marriage information;
  • The behaviour and morality of certain persons;
  • Special protection measures;
  • Insurance frauds;
  • Genealogy, family tree;

Even if the 329/2003 Romanian Private Detective law does not says anything in particular about these things, you should know that sentimental crooks and internet scams are also cases than can be solved by a licensed romanian private detective. If you have the legal right to investigate a person, you should know that the confidentiality of our services is also guaranteed by the 329/2003 Romanian Private Detective law and that a licensed private detective is obliged by law to keep the secrecy of his work even after he is done working as a private detective, therefore legally in Romania a private detective has to keep the confidentiality of his cases his whole life, no matter if he worked just one or hundreds of cases, for a very short period of time or for most of his life.

The only person that can ask informations about the cases investigated by a romanian private detective is a prosecutor working on a penal case that involves one of the investigated subjects. However this thing has never happened in over a decade since RDA is providing professional detective services.