These are the answers to most of the frequently asked questions regarding the Romanian Private Detective business


I'm planning to do a business with a Romanian company, can your detective agency help?

– Yes, the 329/2003 Romanian Private Detective law allows us to check on potential business partners.

The problem that I have is very delicate and personal, can I trust a Romanian Private Detective that will keep the confidentiality of my case?

– Confidentiality of the cases is guaranteed by the 329/2003 Romanian Private Detective law, therefore you can be certain that our private detectives will keep the confidentiality of your case even after they will not work as private detectives.

A person close to me has gone missing while in Romania, can your detectives help?

– Yes, we are allowed to work missing persons cases and actually work them anytime we are requested.

Can I just hire a Romanian Private Detective to check on my husband while in Romania?

– A surveillance crew consists of two licensed private detectives and one vehicle, using just one private detective is highly unprofessional and will not be done by our agency.

How will I know if a Romanian Private Detective is legit or not?

– All romanian private detectives have to be licensed by the Romanian Police, therefore the private detective agencies must show you their license as well as the private detectives who must carry private detective badges that also contain the license number. These things can also be checked on the Romanian National Police official website.

I just need a detective for a couple of hours to check on something, how much it will cost me?

– There is a minimum of six hours when it comes to surveillance services, so even if the crew will only work for two, the client will have to pay for the minimum of six hours. The reason for this is because that crew will be booked only for that particular operation and won’t be able to work on other cases in that particular day.

How much time it will take your detectives to get the results of a background check?

– Usually we can get the final results in minimum two and maximum four week days.

I have meet a girl online, can I get her contact details?

– If you relationship went beyond an online chat or a video chat show, meaning that you have sent her money or any other goods and you actually know her name, yes. If she didn’t asked for anything or just provided an internet service, the answer is NO because we don’t have legal basis for starting an investigation.

I really like this chat model and I would like to send her some gifts, can you get me her address?

– NO. Your relationship with this person is just a client/provider one. If you have not sent her money or any goods outside the video chat studio then you don’t have the right to make an investigation about that person.

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