RDA has been in the Romanian private detective business since this profession was not even reestablished in the post communist Romania.

Private detectives we’re extinct in the communist era and after the 1989 revolution there were few people that even knew what this profession was about. After half a century of only state owned businesses, the 90`s Romania was a pretty wild place for business and pretty much everything. Former intelligence, military and militia officers we’re starting to form private security companies, that in that period were also providing private detective services. Few of them used their connections to get contracts with the government and others tried their luck on the free market, not knowing that in Romanian private detective business things won’t get done by their selves.

Not knowing that detective cases won’t solve themselves, that you cannot run from work in the detective business and that someone has to actually work in the streets for sometimes up to 20 hours in the extreme heat or cold, a lot of the former intelligence officers gave up on this business and searched for other fields of work. The first wave of former military personnel retired from the obese Romanian military structures was fading away.

The 329/2003 Romanian Private Detective law has raised interest for this line of work and in the mid 2000`s the detective business has started to shape into what we have today. In our days private detectives and agencies have to be licensed by the Romanian National Police. They also have to be part of a Detective Association, RDA represented by her director, Razvan Miron, is a founder member and also the president of AODPR (Asociatia Onoare a Detectivilor Particulari din Romania).

The Agency was created in January 2005 shortly after there we’re rumors that Romanian detectives will finally have a legal basis for starting a Romanian private detective business. Until then private detectives have functioned by the saying “What is not illegal is… off course legal.”. Shortly after, together with other agencies from all over Romania we have founded AODPR (Asociatia Onoare a Detectivilor Particulari din Romania), about 10 years later, Razvan Miron, our director becomes the president of this professional detective association. RDA is a pioneer of the Romanian Detective business, we can proudly say that in over a decade of experience we have never received any complaints about our services and that we have managed to keep a perfect record for our detective activity. It is hard to believe that there is another better option when it comes to Romanian Detective services.